How it started

At many conferences, perhaps a thousand posters a day are presented. Much effort and money is put in their creation and print, although the work is generally presented for only a couple of hours. Afterwards, the posters are either discarded or hung somewhere in the office, lacking a better purpose.

We have a solution for this! Textile posters can be REmade into several useful items. Many researchers already print their posters on textile, as they are easier to transport in a suitcase, in comparison to paper posters that need to be carried in a separate tube.

The posters can be transformed into laptop bags, shopping bags, ties or aprons. Actually, everything is possible! The new item can be used by the researcher, or function as a gift for another enthusiast of the poster topic. What’s more, adding a QR-code to the product will facilitate the redirection to the original poster and presented work, and voila, the poster is being REposted!

Want to know more about the story behind REpost? Read the interview with the EGU conference, where it all started.