Printing on fabric

You can use any type of fabric, for example:

  • Airtex
  • Decotex
  • Canvas
  • Flag sheet (recommended)

The type of fabric will also determine the up-scaling possibilities. The more rigid the fabric, the less possibilities there will be.

Furthermore, there are more benefits of having a poster printed on fabric. Veronika Cheplygina explains in her blog about the various possibilities of using fabric posters:

  1. The poster fits into your rucksack/carry-on/purse,
  2. So, no poster tube needed,
  3. Does not tear or rumple, and
  4. With flag sheet material it will be fire retardant

She also mentions where to print them:

The Netherlands: Drukwerkdeal

France: Easyflyer

Belgium: UniversityPress

UK: SciencePosters

US: Spoonflower and Postersmith

Most other print shops also have the option to print on fabric, so much is possible.